* 1" and 2" x 30' High Intensity Micro Prismatic

Oralite 5900 High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Tape
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Our High Intensity Type 4 Prismatic Tape (HIM) is 45% brighter than our standard high intensity glass bead tape at only a slightly higher price. This film utilizes air backed prismatic technology which produces more vivid colors. We carry white, red, yellow, orange, blue and green. This film has a tough glossy acrylic surface.

Nikkalite Type 4 High Intensity Prismatic
On this page we carry 1" and 2" x 30' rolls of HIGH INTENSITY MICRO-PRISMATIC TYPE 4 reflective tape. This reflective film can be used to mark loading dock areas, bollards, poles, gates, barricades, non DOT regulated trailers and vehicles, etc... This material is normally found on brighter road signs and barricades but can be used in an unlimited variety of applications.

High Intensity Prismatic Type 4 tape is 5-6 times brighter than standard engineer grade tape and exceeds all federal and state requirements for Type 4 tape. Micro Prisms are encapsulated in a honey comb design thus creating a much brighter and vivid retro reflective tape. This product carries a 10 year outdoor rating. It is easy to handle and resists chipping and cracking.

In summary it is brighter, more vivid and tougher than our standard glass bead high intensity tape. You can click here to compare the color and vividness of this product to our glass bead high intensity.

Nikkalite High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Tape

I can custom slit the material to any width you need. Email me or call me for a quote.

To install simply peel the backing off the tape and apply to a clean surface. Press on with a clean cloth or squeegee.

We stock HIGH INTENSITY MICRO PRISMATIC TAPE in the following colors:

White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Yellow.

Click here for a spec sheet on this product.

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Call (850) 934-3157 with any questions or for samples. Prices are:

1" - 30 Foot Roll High Intensity Prismatic - $44.99

2" - 30 Foot Roll High Intensity Prismatic - $54.99

Make color and width selections using the drop down boxes above.

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